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Colin Winterbottom: Artist.

Romantic and haunting, dramatic and serene, Colin Winterbottom's photographs offer a fresh perspective on the nation's capital. Rather than documenting the city as we see it day-to-day, Winterbottom combines a heightened sensitivity to place with compelling compositions, unique perspectives, and rare access to historic sites to infuse the urban landscape with drama and mood. His photos seek to express not just what a place looks like, but how it feels to be there. He has applied the same sensibility to his photographs of New York, more limited studies of Paris and Moscow, and series featuring other areas of the U.S.  Colin exhibits at the National Building Museum--where his exhibit "Scaling Washington" featured work he'd made form historic preservation scaffolds at the Washington Monument and National Cathedral -- and at fine art galleries including DC's Long View Gallery.  He has won numerous awards and Artist Fellowship grants.


Colin's website is:


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